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Born somewhere between the outskirts Buenos Aires, Hamburg and Downtown St. John’s, we decided to set anchor in English Harbour (Ingles Puerto), Newfoundland. Having studied photography, attended film school and wandered some graphic design universities of dubious reputation, printing T-shirts here we are. Super small micro mini press! you might say, what you people printing? you might wonder. Zines, graphic novels, micro newspapers and what else? Graphic journals, photobooks and fake super heroes comic novellas. No maps yet. Why Toporama then? The former owner of our home/workshop worked as lighthouse caretaker, at the Horse Chops, Trinity Bay. A sailor himself and jack of all trades, accumulated an impressive collection of topographic, hydrographic and marine charts through out his life, mostly of the island and Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Toporama serves then, as a sort of homage to his collection and why not, to the endless beauty of this place, that if you happen to be around this parts, you are more than welcome to visit us and check out our work in person.